FoodMed 2024

Food? Medicine? Food as Medicine? - Integrating Food and Chinese Medicine: Exploring Science, Technology, and Holistic Approaches for Health

Date: 28 - 29 May 2024
Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University

In our ongoing quest for optimal health, the importance of food as medicine is gaining attention. As we venture into a transformative world of food and Chinese medicine, what opportunities and challenges lie ahead? What hurdles must be overcome to integrate food as medicine into mainstream health practices fully? How do we address issues of regulations, safety, and efficacy? The inaugural FoodMed Conference invites you to actively engage, contribute, and shape the future of food as medicine by participating in pioneering the scientific validation of food as medicine.

The FoodMed conference and exhibition in Hong Kong aim to bring together researchers, innovators, experts, practitioners, and regulators in food and Chinese Medicine (CM) to exchange knowledge, discuss advancements, and explore the future of food and CM in healthcare. The conference will cover various topics, including food innovation and safety, clinical applications, market trends, regulatory considerations, education, and other relevant areas about food as medicine or food-medicine homology. The exhibition will showcase the latest innovations in this field.

Join us at the conference to immerse yourself in the latest research, insights, and discussions surrounding the scientific validation of food as medicine. Connect with experts and researchers to unravel the complexities of how food can be recognized and accepted as medicine.


Event Highlights

  • Global Landscape: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current market dynamics and opportunities for food as medicine.
  • Innovation and Technology: Explore groundbreaking research shaping the future of food as medicine.
  • Scientific Validation: Discover how modern technologies enhance the efficacy and scientific evidence of the medicinal properties of food.
  • Standardization and Globalization: Address challenges and opportunities in garnering local and international acceptance for food as medicine.
  • Regulatory and Safety Considerations: Understand the regulatory frameworks governing the production and marketing of food as medicine.

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